Introduction: About Me, Rachael Riggs

Rachael Riggs - Master of Intelligence Management | Strategist | Lifelong Learner

Welcome to my ePortfolio! As a passionate and dedicated professional in the field of intelligence management, I have honed my skills through rigorous coursework and real-world experiences. This platform showcases my journey towards mastery of core competencies and Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for my master's degree program at the National American University/ Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security.

The core competencies and PLOs of my program, as stated in my course Learning Outcome Alignment, include:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

 the process of actively and skillfully gathering, organizing, and analyzing information to propose solutions and evaluate their effectiveness.

    Program Learning Outcome 1

    Use critical thinking & problem-solving skills to evaluate options for preventive, deterrent, and response actions related to the intelligence management profession.

     Professional Competence

    combination of knowledge and capabilities that allows the performance of a profession according to the standards of practice for the chosen field.

      Program Learning Outcome 2

      Critique information from various sources to debate its relevance to addressing issues of intelligence management.


      The ability to exchange information through speaking, writing, visual, and other appropriate modes of expression.

        Program Learning Outcome 3

        Communicate clearly and effectively in various mediums to various stakeholders both within and external to the intelligence management profession.


        The ability to work with others to achieve goals through the creation of relationships, partnerships, and professional networks.

          Program Learning Outcome 4

          Work collaboratively in diverse groups to formulate solutions to prevent and forestall emerging threats within the intelligence management profession.

           Personal and Social Responsibility

          The development of a strong work ethic, personal integrity, competence in ethical and moral reasoning, the ability to consider others' viewpoints, and the responsibility to contribute to one's broader community.

            Program Learning Outcome 5

            Apply ethical and civic-minded approaches to policy and reform within the intelligence management profession.

            Within this ePortfolio, you will find a comprehensive collection of the courses I have completed, accompanied by a carefully selected assignment from each course. These assignments reflect not only my academic achievements but also highlight practical applications and critical thinking in the realm of intelligence management.

            Join me as I delve into strategic security, risk assessment, counterterrorism analysis, and much more. Let us explore the intricate world of intelligence management while embracing continual growth and reflection.

            Stay curious. Stay informed. Welcome to my ePortfolio!

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            • Associate Degree-Mitchell Technical Institute-Network & System Administration: Graduated with High Honors
            • Bachelors Degree-NAU/Henley-Putnam-Intelligence Management-Summa Cum Laude
            • Masters Degree-NAU/Henley-Putnam-Intelligence Management
            • National Honor Society Member-Order of The Sword & Shield-4.0 GPA
            • OSS Officer (Honor Society Volunteer) Order of the Sword & Shield- OSS Officer
            • Presidents List-National American University
            President's List Badge NAU-4.0 GPA
            Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society
            My Top 5 Values

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